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Local Self Assessment Expert

So, why choose me, Jane Cooper ? That’s simple, because I am an expert in Self assessment and because of my back ground, experience, and knowledge.
Thirty years ago, I worked for H M Revenue & Customs, until the self assessment program was launched in 1995. At that time, I had acquired my training in self assessment just as the program went live to the public. I was head hunted by an accountant for his private practice.
In that, I set up a self assessment program from scratch, with 13years tax returns filed without penalties due to firm, whilst, I developed and maintained strong client relationships. Through out that time, I set up simple systems that worked, met the needs of the owner, HM Revenue & Customs, but more importantly, the needs of the clients.

Self Assessment

Self assessment time for the last opportunity to file your tax return to Hm Revenue and Customs is fast approaching.

Self assessment is an easy way to calculate your tax. One of our professionals would only be pleased to assist.

If you would like help filing your return on line and you would like to make sure you have claimed all your allowances plse contact us at www.virtualtaxuk for a consultation