Tax services

Make sure you only pay what you HAVE to

Even though the Self-Assessment form is supposed to make it easy for you to complete your personal return yourself all those boxes to complete can be daunting.

When it comes to business tax returns, whether that’s corporation tax, VAT or the ins and outs of the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) all this paperwork can be a major headache and take over your life.

If it’s all getting a bit too much for you, but you’re not ready for a fully-fledged accountancy service, you’ll find Virtual Tax UK offers a personalised service that will take the pressure off.

We can:

  • Prepare income and expenses for the self-employed and landlords. Making sure we claim all the expenses allowable.
  • Bookkeeping
  • Register and de registering VAT
  • Prepare and file your VAT returns and advise on the best VAT scheme for your business
  • Prepare the paperwork for corporation tax, if you’re a limited company, and ensure you are getting the best tax option for your situation.
  • Company formation
  • Complete your self-assessment forms if you’re a sole trader or investor and ensure you don’t pay tax on anything you don’t need to – and that you claim all the allowances you should.

Let’s be honest, you’d far rather be doing what you do best rather than poring over sheets of numbers, let alone working into the wee small hours trying to make sense of it all.  Call Jane on 07801 287 213 for help or contact us by email for further information.