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self assessment is about process your return now and check later

Tax Tips Renting out your own car space- taxable or non taxable?


How many of you who have rented out your own car park space knew the consequences?

Did you know that renting out your own car space and receiving income from that source is deemed as taxable income, even if that means that by doing so you have to rent a space yourself.

Renting out your own car park space on your own driveway means you are responsible for declaring that income on your own personal self assessment tax return when you file it to  H M Revenue and Customs. The entries should be made on the Land & Property pages

Remember to consider that should you enter into this type of arrangement make sure you prepare a contract and include a break clause in case the situation changes.

Tax Returns Year 2012

Just to remind you that HM Revenue & Customs are now sending out reminders about, filing your Self Assessment Tax return form for the year ended 05th April 2012.

The dates for filing your tax return are as follows:

Manual filing no later than 31st october 2012.

On line filing by 31st January 2012


Local Self Assessment Expert

So, why choose me, Jane Cooper ? That’s simple, because I am an expert in Self assessment and because of my back ground, experience, and knowledge.
Thirty years ago, I worked for H M Revenue & Customs, until the self assessment program was launched in 1995. At that time, I had acquired my training in self assessment just as the program went live to the public. I was head hunted by an accountant for his private practice.
In that, I set up a self assessment program from scratch, with 13years tax returns filed without penalties due to firm, whilst, I developed and maintained strong client relationships. Through out that time, I set up simple systems that worked, met the needs of the owner, HM Revenue & Customs, but more importantly, the needs of the clients.

Jane Cooper

Hello I am Jane Cooper, the owner and professional expert on Self assessment. My role is to educate and provide you with a service and solutions to filing your tax return to H M Revenue and Customs on line and on time. Pay the correct amount of tax and not a penny more, calculate what tax is due, how to pay and when to pay it.
Unless you understand the Self assessment system, put the right details on your tax return, and file on time, you leave yourself open to a huge amount of unnecessary problems and penalties that have the potential to cost you where it hurts – in you pocket.
I provide solutions so that it does not happen to you!

Self assessment dead line

The tax filing deadline for self assessment is only 28 days away. If you have not done so already don’t forget to get your tax paperwork to your accountant soon to avoid the £100.00 penalty HMRevenue & Customs will levy on you if you don’t file by the filing date.


Self Assessment

Self assessment time for the last opportunity to file your tax return to Hm Revenue and Customs is fast approaching.

Self assessment is an easy way to calculate your tax. One of our professionals would only be pleased to assist.

If you would like help filing your return on line and you would like to make sure you have claimed all your allowances plse contact us at www.virtualtaxuk for a consultation

Starting in business

I listen to people’s concerns as they start up in business, and I have been somewhat bewildered as to the naivety surrounding peoples ability to seek correct and constructive advice from day one.

Before you start anything it would be appropriate, surely, to seek advice as to whats involved when it comes to working for yourself.

Here at Virtual Tax UK we take the time to sit with you and discuss your ideas, your plans and your future, making sure you have all the relevant foundations in place in order for reap what you sow.

We provide the service that deals with self employed individuals, from a variety of backgrounds, preparing and finalizing their accounts in order to establish the correct tax liability.

Did you know ?

Self  assessment has been around for a few years now and was initially setup by HRMC with a view of ‘processing your tax return now and checking it later’.

We are now further down the line and that’s exactly what’s happening. I worked at the H M Revenue and Customs for a few years and was involved in the training regarding the launch of self-assessment and what was involved. I then worked for a private practice for 13 years doing just that before I decided that it was time to not put up with any more nonesence from anyone and work for myself and that was when virtualtaxuk was born..

Whether its information on tax credits, tax deductions, construction industry scheme refunds, national insurance contributions, or vat, tax refunds 2009, to tax refunds 2011 we are here to help. We prepare accounts for self employed individuals and partnerships from the small to the larger businesses.

We can also calculate the tax on rental properties and give advice on questions for example: when do I pay tax, how to pay tax on line?

We have a Tax investigation expert on the team, specializing in managing the outcome of a tax enquiry in order to provide clarity to the terminology and advice on interest and penalties.