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Landlords: Finding out that your tenants has a carer

What can you do if you find out that your tenant has registered themselves disabled and not told you as the Landlord and you also find out that they have engaged the services of a carer and she is living in your property?

Well, what you need to know is when or should a carer move in to your property without your consent or knowledge which is quite possible in today’s society she/ he becomes what is known as “A Licence of tenancy only”, meaning that the carer is the Licensee of your tenant.

Whilst they may enjoy similar status in terms of living in your property they have different rights.

Also if may be worth checking that your tenant has aquired and errected any care aids in your property without your consent as not all properties lend themselves to such.

Whilst initially you may have no objection to a tenant who has engaged the services of a carer you might want to keep an eye on the situation and put a formal letter in place as to your wishes, especially if a third party has been given a key to your property without your written consent or knowledge.

While it remains one thing for a tenant to require the needs of a carer make it quite clear in a letter to your tenant that they are there only on the basis of Liscency of tenancy only and that they are only there to supply the services of care  to your tennant . You have no interest or intention of granting them a tenancy.

Basically in essence this means that should anything happen to your tenant the carer’s will have not  be able to live in your property.

As a lanlord you have a right to know who is living in your property and on that basis may wish to see the value in obtaining the  full details of the carer and their qualifications .

Care covers a multitude of plateforms and if the carer is a legitament carer they would have the following qualifications.

Person centered care, first aid, manual handling ( depending on the severity of the needs of tenant) qualified in administering medication, be able to read and write to a good standard.

Also make sure that you never take money from the carer.